L&D Playbook for Digital Transformation

Learn how digital transformation of L&D is a key step towards future success

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eBook Abstract:
Digital continues to transform businesses, workplaces, systems and processes, and the way we work and live our lives. Whether or not we are prepared for it, digital technology has already transformed almost every aspect of a business, including Learning & Development (L&D). As we continue to navigate this ever evolving digital landscape, it is critical to assess, analyze and address the needs and demands of the modern learners and their increasing preference for digital learning. The line between employees work and learning is thinning by the day as digital transformation of L&D further augments a business's ability to compete by providing latest and the most innovative training solutions to their employees.
You Will Learn:
  1. What is Digital Transformation of L&D?
  2. Identifying and Addressing Challenges of Digital Transformation
  3. Transitioning to Continuous Digital Learning
  4. Digital Transformation Framework
  5. Fostering a Digital Learning Culture (Worksheet)

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