Safestore delivers training across 100 + stores in UK with a Responsive and Reliable LMS

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Business Need
The UK's largest provider of self storage solutions, Safestore wanted to make its training management process easier, efficient as well as cost- and time-effective for its L&D managers, and at the same time make the learning experience consistent and seamless for its staff. Safestore recognised the need for a reliable learning management platform that would ensure a consistent learner experience for its widely dispersed learners with a long-term sustainability through continuous and consistent training for developing the competences of its employees and preparing leaders of the future.
  • UpsideLMS, being SaaS, was easy to set-up, making the training roll-out quick and effortless
  • UpsideLMS is hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud providers, which gives Safestore reliability and flexibility
  • Safestore is able to develop customised training programs specific to its business processes
  • UpsideLMS' support for multiple training modes enables Safestore to deliver training quickly and consistently to all its employees
  • UpsideLMS stores all the training material so it can be available for Safestore's learners to refresh their knowledge at any time