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Future of L&D Virtual Summit 2021

Learn how the changing L&D culture for digital transformation will drive the future of learning

Future of L&D Virtual Summit 2021 I Webinar
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Webinar Abstract:


As organizational learning has evolved to meet the massive changes of the recent past, skill building has become a top priority. With newer tools and technologies, there is now an urgent need for people to unlearn, learn and relearn with the help of training interventions that focus on key digital skills.

You will learn:

  • Visualizing L&D for the next decade
  • The Future of Learning and Development Digital Transformation
  • Combination of both Digital and Physical Learning: A Phygital Approach of Learning
  • Leveraging Technology for skill building and hyper-personalized learnings
  • Shift in L&D Methodology – E-learning and Gamification
  • Learn, Unlearn, and Re-learn: Strategies for knowledge Retention
  • Prove the ROI – Align Learning and Development with overall business strategy
  • L&D 2021 and ahead



Amit Gautam

Director and Founder

Ganesh Sethi

VP Customer-Success

Amar Pawar

VP - Products