Dr Bhagyashree to raise Cancer awareness
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UpsideLMS joins hands with Dr. Bhagyashree Khaladkar to raise Cancer awareness on World Cancer Day 2020

February 2020

UpsideLMS’ Founder-Director, Amit Gautam, and AVP Marketing, Pranjalee Lahri, yesterday welcomed Dr. Bhagyashree Khaladkar, an Honorary Consultant at the reputed Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Center, to give an eye-opening session on cancer, and how it is critical to never give up hope. 

A brave cancer survivor herself, Pranjalee Lahri, took it upon herself to organize the session to share her own journey and highlight the importance of supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors and never giving up hope. And, through his unwavering support to the cause, Amit Gautam pledged to continue generating awareness in the fight against cancer. 

Lack of cancer awareness is a great cause of concern, especially in India, where nearly 15 lakh new cancer cases get reported every year, with 70% of them (unfortunately) at an advanced stage. The lack of awareness, coupled with lack of early detection facilities has made it very hard to address the issue; not to mention the financial obstacles, and most importantly, the individuals’ reluctance or denial to get timely checkups. 

In her session, Dr. Khaladkar highlighted some of these key issues and gave her expert insights into staying aware, seeking immediate medical opinion in case of doubts or fears, seeking financial support from the many NGOs and help centers associated with hospitals (especially Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Center), as well as debunked some dangerous myths that have been propagated through false knowledge and practices. The session also helped pacify one of the very common notions of ‘cancer means no survival and end of a life’. 

Sharing her journey, Pranjalee said, “One thing we all need to be mindful of starting today, starting now – if we aren’t already - is to be self-aware. Be aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our food intake, our physical activity - our lifestyle, in general. Because here’s the good news – if you are, you have solved 50% of the problem. The remaining 50% is the action you need to take. If you recognize an eating disorder – that’s awareness, seeking counseling for it and altering your food habits is the action. Believe it or not, only 1% of all diseases and illnesses are genetic, rest 99% are environment-driven or self-created. That’s the power we have in ourselves! It’s time we leveraged that.”

Speaking on his efforts to spread awareness and give hope, Amit Gautam added, “Hope is the best thing a human can give to another, irrespective of the situation. It’s no different when it comes to fighting cancer. Cancer has a very evil reputation and rightly so. A definitive cure still eludes us and it’s the test of a person's will and courage to live and survive despite the odds. I have had my share of experiences and all I know is that while doctors do their bit, everyone around needs to pledge to spread positivity and hope. Today, on world cancer day and forever I promise to give hope.”

The session ended with an insightful Q&A, where Dr. Khaladkar earnestly addressed every question, debunked long propagated myths and pacified fears stemming from some ill-informed sources.