LMS and Business Impact: Connecting the Dots | UpsideLMS Webinar
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Zydus Group L&D Head shares insights on LMS & Business Impact (Webinar)

November 2019

With an aim to deliver expert insights, tips and tricks on getting the most out of your learning platform for business goal achievement, L&D Head of Zydus Group - Mr. Anil Nair will join forces with UpsideLMS’ Director – Mr. Amit Gautam in an insightful webinar titled LMS and Business Impact: Connecting the Dots.

The key differentiator between companies able to achieve their business goals with an LMS verses those that are unable to, lies in their ability to see the bigger picture and leverage their learning platform. Building upon the fact, Anil Nair and Amit Gautam will share their L&D experiences; shed light on the criticality of employee training and the value an innovative LMS delivers to an organization.

Passionate about people and organizational capability development, Anil Nair comes with a career experience of 22 years, while his intrapreneurial ability to institutionalize many L&D and HRD related processes in Zydus has been nothing but noteworthy.

Speaking in a recent interview with UpsideLMS, Anil Nair said, “The best learn-tech trend has always been to support talent with immersive experience into any specific role or been assigned some new or additional responsibilities. In the next 10 years the entire shift will happen from education to experience. Any technology which maximizes the employee experience and assembles the past experience and behavior of individuals to formulate a predictive action and help capability building in the context will be a welcome one.”

A learning technologist, an entrepreneur and a leader, Amit Gautam’s vision behind UpsideLMS has always been to enable businesses worldwide to manage their L&D easily and cost-effectively. With over two decades of work experience across IT and eLearning, Amit has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in start-up management, project management, technology solutions consulting, and technology solutions architecting and development. At UpsideLMS, Amit continues to be a key idea generator for UpsideLMS' tech team.

He distils his learn-tech expertise and experience into articles for SHRM, People Matters, eLearning Industry, Training Industry, Training Zone, Learning Solutions and Medium, along with sharing insights on leadership and entrepreneurship. His opinions are deeply valued and celebrated as he presides over panel discussions at leading L&D and HR Conferences.

Together, Anil Nair and Amit Gautam will explore the intricacies of implementing an LMS successfully to maximize learning outcomes and achieve the desired business impact.

Free Webinar: LMS & Business Impact: Connecting the Dots

Date: 3rd December 2019

Time: 11 AM – 11.45 AM IST

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