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UpsideLMS celebrates 15 glorious years with over 1 Million happy users worldwide

April 2019

In an age where learn-tech providers come and go, UpsideLMS has successfully achieved over a decade and half of innovation and growth, and is raring to continue on its upward trajectory for years to come. This leading LMS player, with 1 million plus users and over a 100 customers, including the likes of Gulf Oil, Doha Bank, ISS Facility Services, etc., across industries and countries, has been clocking a consistent revenue growth year-on-year since its inception.

Co-founded by Amit Gautam on 7th April 2004 as a part of Upside Learning, UpsideLMS is a culmination of Amit's dream to do something that was truly his, his self-belief in doing better than what was being offered in the learn-tech space, and his passion for technology. It's also been a labor of love for him. One that has seen him invest almost 15 years of his personal and professional life into shaping a brand that has become synonymous with the best in Learning Management space. Today, UpsideLMS clearly reflects all the entrepreneurial values that Mr. Gautam stands for. From his passion for technology to growth mindset, UpsideLMS is a living, breathing example of what a bunch of passionate and talented individuals can do under the aegis of a good leader.

"On this 15th anniversary I wish everyone at Upside Learning and their families a very-very happy 15th anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has been with us since the start of the company for their continued support and trust, and the kind of contribution they have made and are still making. It makes me proud and I feel blessed to have them with us today. Big thank you to all our partners and customers who continue to place their trust in us, because without them, nothing would have been possible. It's an important milestone for any company to complete 15 years, and I am looking forwards to another 15 years of growth. Again, thank you everyone at Upside Learning and all the very best for the future to come."

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS

Over the years, Mr. Gautam has spearheaded UpsideLMS to be the leading learn-tech provider globally with a suite of offerings that help businesses of all sizes and types to manage their organisation-wide, multi-department, geographically dispersed Learning & Development (L&D) programs. Since its inception, UpsideLMS' mission has been to empower L&D leaders with innovative learn-tech solutions that improve the overall training/learning experience. With world-class offerings, ranging from its flagship Learning Management System, mobile-based LMS apps for online and offline (no Internet) learning, a wide range of ready-to-use courses UpsideLMS has been consistently setting standards for quality and innovative tech-enabled learning worldwide.

UpsideLMS is a winner of more than 40 awards and recognitions, including a maximum number of Brandon Hall awards (17 to be precise), a place on 2019 Fosway 9-GridTM as a 'Potential Performer', the 2019 Talented Learning Awards as well as eLearning Industry's Top 20 Value for Money LMSes for 2019, to name a few. It also services a multitude of industries ranging from IT, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) to Training, Government/Military, Construction and Healthcare while housing a sizeable staff of talented learn-tech professionals in its India-based (Pune) HQ, where the women-at-workplace ratio stands at 30%, with fair representation across all functions.

Looking ahead, Mr. Gautam believes the LMS industry will remain a growth industry for years to come, and UpsideLMS is perfectly positioned to reinforce eLearning & learn-tech growth and adoption in India as well as in the overseas markets.