UpsideLMS Tops Craig Weiss's List of Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)
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UpsideLMS Tops Craig Weiss's List of Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

December 2018

UpsideLMS, a learning provider of learn-tech solutions, has added another feather to its cap. It has now garnered the #1 Rank on Craig Weiss' recently published List of Best Learning Systems by Country (2018) for its comprehensive Learning Management System, UpsideLMS. Not only is this a great honor to an India-made, India-bred LMS brand, but it's also a perfect addition to UpsideLMS' 40+ awards and recognitions won from renowned organisations in Learning and Development.

UpsideLMS' proven expertise in tech-led learning is evident in its wide portfolio of solutions that includes a LMS (UpsideLMS), Mobile Learning Platforms (Mobile Apps for Online ? UpsideLMS Mobile and Offline Learning - UpsideMOVE) and a suite of ready-to-use Off-the-Shelf Courseware. UpsideLMS' roster of esteemed clients, such as Gulf Oil, ISS, Manzanillo International Terminal ? Panama, L&T, Doha Bank, amongst other blue-chip companies, is a clear testimony to its legacy of innovation in learn-tech for over 14 years.

What makes UpsideLMS one of the most awarded LMSes is its unique list of Key Features that are available as an out-of-the box solution at a price point that?s befitting for companies of all sizes and types. Below are some of the key differentiators that set UpsideLMS from the rest of the learning solutions: -

  1. Online and Offline Access: UpsideLMS' anytime, anywhere, any device access for its learners extends to offline usage too. Not only is UpsideLMS available as a responsive, multi-device platform that can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, its Mobile Apps for iOS and Android enable offline viewing of learning content, which can easily synced and tracked.
  2. 365x24x7 Free Technical Support: UpsideLMS comes with a free, 24x7, round-the-clock technical support that gives organisations the assurance of a platform that works uninterrupted.
  3. Secure Cloud: UpsideLMS is deployed as an independent LMS instance on a dedicated and auto scalable solution. Further, it is geographically distributed to deliver organisations the best experience and leverages the strengths of leading Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure to provide complete security, scalability and reliability.
  4. Administration Services: For organisations with small or no technical teams to manage the LMS, UpsideLMS Administration Services provide a wide range of services including, but not restricted to, User Management, Content Management, Admin tasks, Reporting etc.
  5. Data Security: For Training Companies hosting multiple clients on the same LMS setup, (as separate portals) UpsideLMS maintains absolute data (content and user data) isolation between its portals to ensure full data security. To the Training Companies' clients, it gives the security and confidence that their data will not be exposed to anyone.
  6. Secure API & Integration Library: UpsideLMS uses Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, which is a symmetric block cipher used by the U.S. government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.
  7. Progressive Innovation and Continuous Upgrades: UpsideLMS follows the AGILE development approach to bring in new features in line with emerging learning and market trends, customer requirements and technology.
  8. Great Team and Processes: The UpsideLMS teams works on a single motto - to deliver high customer satisfaction through every step in the LMS process at every single touch point. Right from LMS Solutioning through Client Onboarding and LMS Implementation to post Support and Service, the UpsideLMS team is well equipped to handhold, guide, support, and work alongside the client's team to drive LMS success.
  9. Multi-lingual Support: For organisations with learners/ clients of different ethnicities, religions and languages, UpsideLMS offers multi-lingual support at application interface and database level. Currently it supports 5 languages - English, Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese and Non Latin Spanish. Learner can easily switch from between languages as and when needed.
  10. User-friendly Interface with Enhanced UX: UpsideLMS' web 2.0 intuitive interface is designed for ease-of-use. This is supported by helpful features for Admin and Learners around Password security, Password Reset, Self-Registration Workflows, and much more that enhance the user experience.

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