UpsideLMS embraces 'disruption' with Cegos' Research Whitepaper
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UpsideLMS embraces 'disruption' with Cegos' Research Whitepaper

August 2017


Cegos, a worldwide leader in training, and also UpsideLMS' partner for Off-the-Shelf eLearning, had recently conducted a survey and research, which has been put together in the form of a comprehensive report cum whitepaper, titled 'Leading and Managing in the Age of Disruption'. The survey spans the functions of Business, HR and Learning with participation from over 1,000 personnel - leaders and middle management. Completed in 8 countries across the Asia Pacific Region, it includes input from over 800 organisations, representing nearly 25,000 regional leaders and managers.

"While there are pockets of strengths and notable areas for development, the research tells us that many leaders and the broader management teams are NOT being developed with the knowledge, behaviours and skills most appropriate for longer term success. Beyond critical and urgent - it's the final wake-up call for organisations that are slow to adapt to the evolving trends and times!"

Jeremy BlainRegional Managing Director, Cegos Asia Pacific.

UpsideLMS, which had recently added a new dimension to its solutions portfolio by offering a selection of Off-The-Shelf (OTS) eLearning solutions from Cegos to its global market, has now joined the worldwide training leader to promote 'Leading and Managing in the Age of Disruption' whitepaper. So along with giving its clients and prospects access to a wide range of Cegos' ready-to-use, interactive, customisable and localised eLearning modules, spanning Management Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Professional Efficiency, Human Resources and other fields, UpsideLMS now offers, through this whitepaper, real industry and market insights on the readiness level of leaders and managers for the workplace challenges of the future.

The research whitepaper, 'Leading and Managing in the Age of Disruption', is available for a FREE download here.