Red Scout makes its Website a one-stop-'Training'-shop with UpsideLMS' API
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Red Scout makes its Website a one-stop-'Training'-shop with UpsideLMS' APIs

February 2017


Red Scout, Asia-Pacific region's leading provider of interactive online training focusing on the beauty industry, was on the lookout for a Learning Management System that was not only easy-to-use, cost effective, highly functional, secure and reliable, but could also be integrated with its existing website to enable online selling of training materials. With a worldwide customer base that included individuals and corporate, it was important that the platform scaled with Red Scout's growing business, while allowing it to focus on the core business of providing training too.

Red Scout is one of the fastest growing online training businesses for the beauty industry and needed a partner like Upside who have a learning portal that looks good and enables us to extend the beauty industry 'image expectations' into the learning space for beauty advisors. We also needed a learning portal that had intuitive navigation to ensure the front line sales staff could access and complete their online training easily and with confidence.

Simone Pedersen
?Managing Director

UpsideLMS, the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System with its comprehensive API library, proved to be the perfect fit for Red Scout, as it enabled the training leader to:

  1. Exhibit courses and training programs offered on its website through the LMS catalog.
  2. Manage user profile creation automatically within the LMS for individual customers using user registration information from the Red Scout website for customers purchasing the courses and completing the payment transaction successfully on the Red Scout website.
  3. Get particular courses assigned to respective users automatically.

This entire data exchange between UpsideLMS and Red Scout's website was brought about by UpsideLMS' APIs for 'Fetching Catalog; its Curriculums and Content', 'Creating, Updating and Managing your user accounts', and 'Assigning one or multiple curriculums to one or multiple LMS user'.

Hosted in the Cloud and leveraging the strengths of leading Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, UpsideLMS also provided the needed security, scalability and reliability to Red Scout.

In addition to this, UpsideLMS' multi-portal architecture enabled Red Scout to create separate platforms for its corporate users (B2B), each with separate branding and access, and personalised learning environments. To match its B2C business requirement, a separate portal was created and designed to sell Retail-based training programs to the end users (individuals).

"Having been a start-up ourselves, Red Scout's requirement of an eLearning platform that was cost-effective resonated with us well and we were more than pleased to offer them UpsideLMS with its bunch of APIs. I am glad to see Red Scout's business flourishing as it now provides a secure and reliable environment for its customers across different locations and time zones to access to the training materials, training plans and curriculums 24x7."

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

Detailed case study is available for viewing here

About Red Scout

Red Scout is Asia-Pacific region's leading provider of interactive online training for individuals who want to start or advance their career in the beauty industry. The company produces uniquely engaging online training courses that are both entertaining to watch and highly effective in transferring knowledge, and has trained over 20,000 front line sales staff (beauty advisors) in the beauty industry internationally till date.