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Upside Learning Makes Performance Support On The Go Priceless

June 2013

Soon after releasing Upside2Go’s latest version, Upside Learning has unveiled the pricing plans for this performance support platform today. With this, Upside2Go not only makes the delivery of learning and performance support materials to the mobile workforce easy, it makes it priceless too!

Covering a wide range of user slabs, the pricing plans have been formulated to suffice the performance support requirements of all organisation – SMBs and large enterprises alike. The highly competitive pricing comes with a feature set that includes –

  1. Comprehensive Learning Media (HTML courses, videos, podcasts, documents, flashcards)
  2. Polls, Quizzes and Surveys
  3. SCORM 1.2 compliance and external HTML course support
  4. Learner support tools including ‘Ask an Expert’
  5. Content authoring and management
  6. MIS & Reporting including Flurry? Analytics
  7. SSL Protection
  8. Standard Hosting
  9. Standard Technical Support (24x7)
  10. Client Specific URL

Pricing details for Upside2Go can be checked here –

To learn more about Upside2Go’s performance support capabilities and see it in action, interested individuals can request a live demo at