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UpsideLMS Helps Yeager Airport In Managing Its Classroom Training Programs

February 2012

Apart from being one of the most passenger friendly airports in the US, Yeager Airport is also renowned for its efficient training programs for employees and airport users. Targeted to pilots and workers having access to the Airport Operations Area (AOA), an area where the pilots and other airline workers carry out their business alongside the movement of airline employees and ground handlers, and to other individuals in the aviation industry, these training programs are majorly instructor-led (classroom-based). With a view to delivering and managing these programs in an effective and efficient way, Yeager Airport has selected UpsideLMS, Upside Learning’s stunning, multi award-winning Learning Management System. The deal between the two consenting parties, Yeager Airport and Upside Learning, has been signed for a period of 3 years.

Complete with training scheduling, nomination workflows, venue and vendor management, and training costs management, UpsideLMS’ Classroom Training Module allows Yeager Airport to create, manage and deliver face-to-face instructor-led training programs. While the company is currently using UpsideLMS to manage its classroom training sessions extensively, its future plan of action involves the delivery and management of eLearning courses as well. This is well supported by UpsideLMS’ eLearning module.

Having a Learning Management System tailored to our specific needs gives us the ability to run an airport that ensures safety, efficiency, and quality to all of our employees and travelers. By incorporating UpsideLMS into our day-to-day management, we are confident that the airport will continue to uphold the finest standards in the industry.

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While UpsideLMS’ implementation at Yeager Airport is in its ‘out of the box’ format, a minor customisation has been done to the course catalogue. Separate categories, based on roles and departments, have been created for the catalog section, each of which can be accessed by respective individuals.

Commenting on UpsideLMS’ selection by Yeager Airport, Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “Managing nominations, vendors, venues etc. in classroom training is one of the most complex yet critical tasks. UpsideLMS simplifies this process to a large extent helping organisation to conduct their classroom training sessions effectively and efficiently. We are confident that Yeager Airport will be able to derive substantial benefits from UpsideLMS.”